In case you missed it… Chileshe Bwalya’s “Paka Tumyumfwe” video

I wish I had a fancy way to lead with this post. I can’t find one. I do however have a word i would like to begin with: AWESOME!

So just in case you missed the video everyone is talking about, here it is: Chileshe Bwalya’s AWESOME ‘Paka Tumyumfwe”  featuring Ephraim. This song is off her AWESOME debut solo album “Talitha Cumi”, which I blogged about a few months ago.

Talitha Cumi” was released under the Holy Ghost Network Music Group (HGN). Chileshe is a member of the AWESOME Miracles by Fire Praise Team, also from HGN.

You can read more about Chileshe and even listen to some of her music here.

Verdict: Potentially, the one of the best Zambian music videos this year, and definitely the best in terms of Christian/Gospel. AWESOME work, as usual, Brian Kabwe (Big Deal Graphix)