About Me

Who is Elastus?

Just a Zambian dude with a dream!

I was born in Lusaka, raised in different parts of the country, but I grew up in Lusaka. I’m still growing. I love music, movies, media work and good ol’ fun. I tested as an INFP so that means…? I don’t remember what that means.

I hold both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, which I obtained from the University of Zambia (UNZA). I am currently pursuing a PhD in Film Studies at the Centre for Film and Media Studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT). I am a media and communications professional and consultant, currently employed as a Lecturer and Researcher in the Department of Media and Communication Studies at UNZA, in Lusaka. In my current position, I have been involved in teaching and skills development, as well as research, curriculum development and stakeholder engagement activities for various projects.

I am a published researcher and I have presented my research at various international conferences.  Before venturing in academia, I practiced as a journalist on radio and in print. Those were the days! I am a recipient of a Media Institute of Southern African (MISA) Zambia Chapter award for Award for Best Reporting in Telecommunications. I count it a blessing to have experience in both industry and academia. I have also embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that I hope to grow and learn from.

I am married and have two beautiful daughters. They rock my world.

My opinions on life have changed over the years but one thing is constant, I am nothing without God. He is my all in all.

I believe in the power of purpose and the power of being positive. My personal philosophy is: Be Awesome! For me, that simply means being the best I can be, wherever, whenever, to whoever, however best I can.

This blog is my way of letting you in my world, my thoughts, my beliefs and my work. Feel free to interact with me and I will definitely get back to you.

Be Awesome!


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