The Daddy Chronicles: Part 1

The surgeon's assistant emerged from the gloomy closed door bouncing with what I later learned was his usual energy. The door stood like a gate to a kingdom of the privileged that only few had access too, except that it was not some bounty-filled utopia. It was the door leading to the theatre at the hospital, no … Continue reading The Daddy Chronicles: Part 1

Kanji’s “Nidaliseni” – My Song of the Month

Taken from her new album called Zanga, 'Nidaliseni' by Kanji (@IAM_Kanji) has quickly become a favourite pick for many. It is probably the reason the song comes twice on the CD. The song is really a prayer, a very personal prayer that every Christian says though out most of life. The word's on the chorus are … Continue reading Kanji’s “Nidaliseni” – My Song of the Month