[Gallery] 10 Inspirational Quotes by Zambians – Part One

If you follow me on IG, you know that I am all for inspirational and motivational quotes. That’s my jam and I love it. The quotes I collect and share encourage me and give me something to think about and act on. I’ve also learned that many of my followers and friends appreciate them too.

Last year, I curated a selection of some of my favourite quotes by Zambians. I called the collection #ZambianInspiration. Who said inspiration only comes from Americans? There’s a whole lot of it everywhere!

I love how the thoughts or ideas in the quotes feel close to me. I guess it’s because they  are from people that have lived their lives in my context and have experienced situations I also encounter. When they speak (or write), it feels like I’m hearing (or reading) something that I can relate to and perhaps may have even seen in their lives.

For example, when Dr. Nevers Mumba says “Let not pain or temporal failure rob you of your destiny. Stay strong”, I know that this is something that he has lived because I have seen it. It’s nowhere near the usual commercialised motivational rhetoric. It’s real.

Another example is how Mrs. Norena Chiteba says “There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Let it not be you!” This is Norena’s truth when she speaks at her Kupes Network and its impact on girls and young women is remarkable. Again, something I have seen and can relate to.

And so this is me finally posting a few of them here in this gallery. Feel free to share.

Be encouraged… and Be Awesome!

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Look out for part two.

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