Facing the Uncertain…

So much has already been blogged, posted, facebooked, grammed or tweeted about the August 2016  elections in Zambia.  I have done a bit of writing myself but nothing has been  posted online yet.  Until now.

I don’t seek to address the usual issues in this year’s election discourse such as the campaign, the referendum or the processes involved.  I believe much has already been said. I have actually learned a lot from some good forward looking analytical pieces online. I have not words for their opposite though.

With God we can face the Uncertainty ahead
With God we can face the Uncertainty ahead

One thing has been clear through the process,  there is so much that remains uncertain after tomorrow.  I know most party officials and supporters from whatever side seem certain about victory, and it is their right to feel that way. But the truth is there is a certain uneasiness, a level of uncertainty that they also have, somewhere tucked away.

I have heard people, both young and old, express fear of the uncertain times that this election could bring. Considering the vastly reported violent acts in the campaign and the tirades, name-calling and sometimes profanities across the political space, I admit, it has been quite scary.

With that background, you can imagine the joy I felt this past weekend at church  after  listening to  a message that in no uncertain terms addressed  this uncertainty and how we react to it.

The preacher, Dr. A.N. Ng’andu, or to some Uncle Alvert, tackled a timely subject that has gripped the hearts of many and still does, a day before the polls.  I decided to take a  few notes from the sermon whose title was “Facing Uncertainty in the Unknown,”  but it became clear within a  few minutes that my notes would not suffice because I felt that many more people would appreciate this word.

Thanks to the chruch’s technical  team,  I accessed a recording of the sermon. And guess what…? You can listen here, well, a sort of abridged  version.

Here are a few highlights:

One important point Uncle Alvert makes is that life after elections will be a surprise to many of us and  its important that we choose God to direct us in that period.

He says:

“Life after elections will be a surprise to many of us, and we cannot control the events and the events that confront us. However, who we follow into the unknown is up to you and me, that is our choice. I would like to suggest that we choose God. Because God will point the way.”

Another amazing truth I picked up is that if we are to face uncertainty, we have to have encouragement, and a full of heart to know what God  will is and to do it.  It will also take endurance;  the power to remain strong; to have enthusiasm and to be full of God the Almighty.

Additionally, facing uncertain times will also require discernment.   Discernment in this case involves developing the habit of weighing matters by Gods standard as we  make our decisions after the elections for the good of the soul.

The preacher also shared some guideposts for  making decisions in time of uncertainty. These include:

  1. Faith – Faith  will lead us to make the right decision.
  2. Hope – Hope moves us beyond uncertainty.  It’s about trusting the promise and more importantly  the One who made the promise.
  3. Love – If we love God we will keep his commandments and act in love.
  4. Courage – We will not be afraid to face that which needs to be faced.
  5. Caution –  We should know know that what looks good may not be good at all.
  6. Investigation  – We should never reach a decision  of consequence without a proper investigation.

And so as we get into the elections and face the uncertainty that we feel, let us focus on He who can see us through the uncertainty, God our Father. If we wait on the Lord, as the Bible says, He shall renew our strength, take us up on wings as eagles and shall walk but not faint.

They that wait on the Lord shall fly above the crisis, anxiety, above  the unknown, and will have the God ‘s  power to run and not be weary. Let’s remember  that through the uncertainty, God will point the way and turn crisis in calm.

One last point: Our reaction in this uncertain post-election period should  be one that will show that we are indeed Christians.

Enough from me… here is the recording. Feel free to download and share.

Let’s keep praying and believing God for a peaceful election and a successful transition to the next 5 years of the this great country’s story.



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