Always Enough

By Kari Jobe

Jesus is always enough. That’s a statement that is easy to say with our lips, and at times difficult to embrace with our hearts. I’m reminded of the rich, young man who approached Jesus in Mark 10 (verses 17 to 25).

By the world’s standards, this young man had everything he could ever want; wealth, status, power, and had apparently led a morally good life. When presented with the opportunity to talk to Jesus, he asks what one thing he needs to do to inherit eternal life. Jesus responds with what seems to be a pretty bold, even audacious request. Jesus asks him to sell everything he owns, give it to the poor, and come follow him. Selling everything is clearly a difficult request to ask of this young man, and yet, it revealed something telling about the state of the young man’s heart.

You see, it wasn’t that Jesus thought that his wealth or social status was bad or sinful. Jesus was trying to teach us all something far greater than that. Jesus wanted the man to come to a place where Christ was his sole desire and provider. Jesus wanted this young man to come to a place of where Christ filled every single void in his life. Though this man had wealth, Jesus was telling each of us that He offers something so infinitely greater than wealth.

When we have Jesus, we have every spiritual blessing in heaven. These blessings far exceed anything on this earth. If we have Jesus, we have EVERYTHING – but without him – we truly have nothing.


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