What do think about Mag44’s Animated Video?


I didn’t see this one coming. I was still dancing and enjoying the “Mwentula” video, being “blesshed” by the positive, motivating and message in the artist’s second single from his still very new and groundbreaking album, Brave Only.

And so there it was, on the first day of the first month of 2016, a surprise music video for the song “No Fear”. This was not the first time we had a New’s Day video premiere from Mag44. Back in 2012, audiences were wowed by the Ground Zero-produced video for the hit song “Vichani” on 1st January. The kicker this time around was: its animated!

I saw Mag44 perform the song live at his album launch in December. I wondered if this could be the song that gets to have the next video. It has that anthem feel about it, blending hip-hop and Zamrock, with scripture – Genius! Well, It did get the video and I will describe it as a brave choice in format. I guess that’s what the team at Brave Only music were gunning for.

I am curious to know what you think about the video. Just over a month later, I am still following the many comments, mainly on Twitter about the video, and boy are they are positive.

I must at this point acknowledge the person responsible for the artistry in the animation, Michael Piyerra, whose name is credited as the video ends. Sadly, I don’t know anything about this guy only  that, according his Facebook profile, he is a VFX specialist and Animator at Gravity Production House.

Well Michael, it seems you have put a smile on many people’s faces. For the great work and the innovation, I say Respect! And to Magnus, congratulations once again.


James Sakala does his thing
James Sakala does his thing at the ‘Brave Only” launch. James is one of the writers on the album.


I will close with this: A video of the song “It’s On Tonight”  performed live at the launch.