New Video: Chileshe Bwalya’s “Tefyo Nali”

The last time I blogged about the Miracles by Fire Praise Team was at the start of the year in my top ten list of albums for 2014. The Anointing was my breakout CD from 2014 and it introduced me and probably most of the world to the wonderful music of Chileshe Bwalya. Her songs on the MBF project, including the lead single “Mumutende”, quickly became fan favourites.

A few months down line, and not at all surprising if you have been following her music journey, Chileshe has a new solo album called “Tali Cumi” released May 25, 2015 under the Holy Ghost Network Music Group.

I will give the album a review a little later in the week. For now what I will share is this brand new music video for the song “Tefyo Nali” off Chileshe’s new solo effort.

The video is simply excellent, another reason Brian Kabwe of Big Deal Graphix should be crowned the current king of music videos in Zambia.

Enjoy and be blessed!