A ‘shout out’ to the the God’s Envoys family


Seven years ago, I became part of a group that would change my life and have a huge impact on the person I am today. This group, God’s Envoys,  became a major influence on my life in ways I could not have imagined. Its actually interesting looking back that at what was supposed be my first rehearsal,  the group coincidentally engaged in a defining discussion that in my opinion helped set the pace for it is today.

Sometimes I think about how different these years would have been had it not been for God’s Envoys. I am sure they would be very different. How different? Well, maybe that’s for another blog post,  but all I can say for now is, I am glad I got the invite and I have not looked back since.

I joined God’s Envoys right at the end of my sophomore year at University.  It was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. I knew these guys had a vision and the thought of being a part of that vision was simply thrilling.  However, as to whether I was going to make a valuable addition to that vision,  I was not so sure. I was, and still am just a regular ‘boy’ from the hood with no spectacular thing going really, just a good ol’ team player. If that’s what required, I was game. Its all I could do, as well as give my best. And thus started this epic journey that later even enable to meet one of my favorites singers Michael English.

Aside just singing together, we have celebrated each other’s success and achievement, shared each others grief, mourned together, carried each others burden, and journeyed north and south with, in and for Christ. Through the years, we have built strong brotherly bonds and have the makings of an actual clan so to say. That means lots of caring, sharing, learning, teaching, patience, forgiveness, and arguing as well. The whole shebang.

I would like to say I will always sing in God’s Envoys,  but that’s maybe too presumptuous. I will however say that I intend to sing with these guys for a long time. I will also add, and confidently so, presumption or not, I will always be a part of the God’s Envoys family. This family has grown over the years from just our families and the church family at University Church, to thousands more all over Zambia and the world.

To the brothers in God’s Envoys, past and present; to those involved with the group’s ministry in some way; to all who have supported, positively critiqued,  prayed for, or encouraged the group, I salute you. Thank you and may God Bless you.