Marriage is…..

One of my favourite Zambian bloggers wrote this slightly over a month ago. This is just so sweet. Read and follow her blog…

Autumn Eyez

A lot of people have been asking me how marriage is. My single friends want to find out if it’s all people say it is or as horrible as some say it is. How is it? Do I like it? They ask me with a curiosity that I possessed only a few months ago. They ask me as if somehow my answer will determine if they should go ahead and get married. The married people want to find out how I’m finding the new environment that has been their home for a while now. Have we had our first big argument yet? And when I say no, they tell me to wait because it’s definitely coming. We are still in the honeymoon stage but just wait a while, the storms are definitely coming. They say that with such gust you would think they are looking forward to it.

However, in…

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