Kanji’s ‘Zanga’ Launch: As it happened

It has been considered by many as one the biggest  comebacks in Zambian music. After an absence that has last about a decade, Kanji has returned to do what she loves with a ‘banger’ of an album called, ‘Zanga‘.

While we never really saw Kanji in this hiatus, her music never stopped reminding us of what great an artist and storyteller she was. Every so often, local radio would jam any of her Sling Beats classics: ‘Wenye‘, ‘Chi Daddy‘ and ‘Sembe‘, all of which catapulted the singer/songwriter to instant stardom at a time when breaking out on the scene was still rather difficult. Years later, Kanji demonstrates that she’s still got it and shares her gift on this new album.

Zanga‘, is Kanji’s first gospel album and tells of her journey to the woman of faith she is today. While this is not meant to be an album review, I must say that if it were, I would give it five out of five stars because it has everything: passion, soul, energy, direction and most of all, an everlasting message of God’s great love.

At the launch, I had my favourite toy with me (my camera) and took some pictures. This video is just a compilation of some of those shots.

The launched also featured performances form Mag44, Pompi, Abel Chungu Musuka, Tasha (Nyambe), Nathan Nyirenda and was hosted by Prince Siame.

Zanga Album Cover
Zanga Album Cover

‘Zanga’ is also available on iTunes.