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Quotes that Inspired Me Through 2016

Happy New Year folks. 2017 is here, thank God.  I am excited  and I hope you are.  Truth be told however, as the year goes on, it does get a bit difficult to maintain that excitement and zeal for the rest of the year . That was pretty much my experience at certain times this … Continue reading Quotes that Inspired Me Through 2016

Facing the Uncertain…

So much has already been blogged, posted, facebooked, grammed or tweeted about the August 2016  elections in Zambia.  I have done a bit of writing myself but nothing has been  posted online yet.  Until now. I don't seek to address the usual issues in this year's election discourse such as the campaign, the referendum or … Continue reading Facing the Uncertain…

Financial Fitness: God’s Reward for Wise Money Management

I recently started reading a devotional on Financial Fitness. I was so curious at first because the devotional's subject was not on what might be termed as straight up Christian themes such as love, salvation, grace, faith, forgiveness and so on. It was about finances, a somewhat touchy- feely subject for some. And so I started … Continue reading Financial Fitness: God’s Reward for Wise Money Management

Earning vs Getting Paid

An interesting piece by Cathy Phiri.

I’ve been reading a lot across social media platforms around Zambians (specifically) talking about not doing work for free.   I read it with keen interest.

As a person who has had to pay for services of another person, and have also had to charge out my services, I hasten to caution that the not working for free does not apply across the board. I’m a strong believer in knowing your worth, therefore you know when and how much to charge out your time to, but don’t have an exaggerated belief in your worth.   This blog is more for people coming up in the industry, still wet behind the ears, as opposed to those established as I feel the ones coming up are feeling they are established out of the gate.


So before you refuse any zero paying jobs, consider these points:

Is It Really Not Paying?

Money is not the…

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